Tuesday, May 08, 2012

With Apologies to Carl Sandburg

By John Brentlinger


Thug smuggler for the country

Power maker, Den of Thieves;

Player with politics and the nation's future,

Slimy, Skinny, Lying,

City of the naked shoulders.

They tell me you are wicked and I believe them,
for I have seen your effeminate men luring each
other to evil,

They tell me you are crooked and I answer yes,
it is true, I have seen your politicians lie and cheat
and steal and murder, and stay in office to do it

They tell me you are brutal and my reply is, on
the blank faces of your opposition, I have seen
fear and scandal, as they are sent to prison.

And having answered so I turn once more to those
afraid to speak out, and I say to them:

Speak out now, do not allow criminals to run our
city, our offices, our streets and our neighborhoods.

Spouting lies and curses amid the passing out of jobs
and federal money, here is a tall dark villian going
after every power he can get his hands on,

Fierce as a junkyard dog craving the blood of his
enemies, using the powers of the gun to savage
those who oppose him.

Evil eyed





Tearing down and not rebuilding,

In the smoke filled rooms, white powder and smoke
everywhere, laughing with yellow teeth,

Ruining the destiny of a great country, sneering as
a young braggart sneers,

Grinning like an ignorant fighter who knows the fight
is fixed,

Bragging and laughing that in his heart he has no
care for the people


Blaming the rest of the country with the blame of a
lying tongue, half naked, cheating, proud to be thug
smuggler for the country, power maker, den of thieves,
player with politics and the nation's future, slimy,
skinny, panhandling, city of the naked shoulders.

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