Saturday, May 12, 2012

What will Happen Next Week?

You have to believe that the "gutsy call" and the "evolutionary decision"
primed timed by Barry Soetoro last week were simply next in line on
Axelrod's list for trashing Mitt Romney; ie. second week in May, the
hair cutting thing, all the networks are on board;  pump Barry with the
gay thing.  Funny thing, if you have ever ordered T-shirts in many
different styles, you know how long it takes for delivery.  Barry's
store started selling them yesterday, in pink and lavender. Oh, neat.

And the "Strumpets in the Media for Soetoro" are playing right along
because they have the same list from Axelrod, and they need their
share of the Barry Billion.

I haven't seen Axelrod's list, but here are a few things that may pop
up next week:

They're going to find out that Mitt Romney ate at a Michigan Mac-
Donalds in late 1967 and did not finish his Happy Meal, which means
that he really doesn't care about hungry kids in America.  An eye
witness will be procured, who still works at the same MacDonalds
and can't speak about the incident without breaking down.

And, this one will have scratchy video: he was seen cheering for
one of his sons at a ball game, not sure of the place and time, seems
his son hit a home run.  Mitt cheering in public can only mean one
thing:  he had no regard for the feelings of the pitcher who gave up
the home run.  And that means of course he does not care about
the millions of kids in America who aren't good enough to hit home

Ann has been out of the news for a week now, so how's this one?
The scuzbuckets in the media also have a real old video for this
incident.  Seems Ann packed a school lunch one day for one of
the boys, and all the kid had to eat was a turkey and mayo sanwich,
some Pringles, homemade cookies and water.  Which means that
the National Dairy Association will need to do some research on
why there was no milk or cheese, thus proving that Ann Romney
has no idea about nutrition for millions of school kids.  And in a
fortunate for Barry twist of events, Brian Williams found an
eyewitness.  She is 102 years old, but remembers the event in
precious detail.  The spinster is still traumatized though, and
needed her grand-daughter Julia to relate the information to 
Brian Williams in a cartoon.

These are just a few examples of what you can do when you are
a self proclaimed celebrity, with unlimited media access and
big political power.  Better yet, if you are an arrogant, pompous,
pathological liar, you can just tell Axelrod to make up some
stuff and see if it sticks.  Then that Chicago thug/lackey can
get busy making the country proud of our American political
process.  Keep it up Barry, we're not laughing with you, we
are laughing at you.

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