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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What the... OWS Threatens Violence Against Rebecca Black

In another move that shows the members of Occupy Wall Street are completely out of their minds, a picture of Rebecca Black, famous for singing the poorly-reviewed song "Friday," has appeared on "AnarchistNews.org." The picture inexplicably has a man with a gas mask and probably an ax creeping behind Ms. Black.
There is no explanation for the picture whatsoever.

However, the photo appears in a lengthy article about how corporations are destroying the world and how people need to "fight back" against a sort of omni-present oppressor. However, the article does state clearly who will save the downtrodden. To quote, verbatim: "We (Anarchists) are the leaders we’ve been waiting for."

And naturally, there is the normal rambling about how evil capitalism is and everything you've heard before: "Still, today people worldwide are waking up to the need to take matters into their own hands and solve the problems the politicians and capitalists are unable to."
The picture also appears next to the poll, "Best anarchist game"

And of course: "This economic crisis has seen an escalation of class war on workers by capitalists and the State, leading to a further erosion of working conditions, with lawmakers enacting policies that cut wages and benefits and further burden workers."

The article also appeared on Miami Autonomy and Solidarity.

There is still no explanation for the picture of Rebecca Black.

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  1. wow, these guys are losers. I just hope they don't go away. OWS will inspire such an explosion of Republican voter turn-out, that they will gain in the House, regain Senate majority, and defeat Obama in a landslide. Real people despise this kind of garbage. It happened in '68 and will happen again in 2012.

  2. Because her security guard assaulted a member of the protest group when a tear gas grenade that was thrown by police went of nearby

    1. Then why not target her security guard? Oh, because he was just an innocent, proletariat following the orders of a bourgeoisie, decadent, immorally wealthy...teenage girl. Naturally. And the pic just wouldn't have any juice with a stranger in the foreground. Propagandists.

  3. The lazy, brainless Occuturds don't need a reason for stupid behavior, that's why they're Occuturds... That, and the fact that they're not toilet trained...

  4. How about you follow the link on the anarchistnews.org site (click on "Miami Autonomy & Solidarity") and realize that anarchistnews put that image on, not the authors of the article. Miami Autonomy & Solidarity's article was reposted there; and anarchistnews.org chose the picture. Here's the original article: http://miamiautonomyandsolidarity.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/may-1st-after-springs-blooms-a-hot-summer/

    1. This was all mentioned in the article. Are you illiterate?

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