Wednesday, May 09, 2012

West Virginia Democrats Go Rogue

Simply put, West Virginia Democrats do not really like Barack Obama.
That's the only sane explanation for how Keith Judd, a convicted felon who is still serving out his lengthy prison sentence in Texas for extortion, received over 40% of the vote in yesterday's party primary, which nearly 200,000 Democrats participated in.

We have seen this before, such as the 2008 primary when Hillary Clinton defeated him by 40 plus points and the general later that year when Senator McCain won the state by 13. However, to lose several counties to someone who (1.) can't vote, (2.) is in jail and (3.) didn't campaign at all has to create some doubt as to your overall campaign strength.

What makes it even worse for President Obama is that 20% of North Carolina's Democrats voted "no preference" in their primary yesterday rather then unanimously re-nominate him. This is in a state he carried by 14,000 votes last election, meaning there is very little room for loss he wants their electoral votes again.

What say you?

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