Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time for Another Name Change, Barry

Dear Mr. President -

And I use the term loosely.  

Well, Barry, it's time to start packing for parts unknown.  Your
fifteen minutes of horrendously expensive fame are up.  It's
over.  Your gravy train has finally run out.  No more golf at our
expense.  No more late night ESPN on taxpayer funded cable.  No
more junketing around the world looking for more places to junket
to.  No more "I am a rock star/part time world leader."  No more
spending all your time dialing for Hollywood dollars.  Now you'll
just have to beg them to pay you for some speaking gig.  I know,
since you have nothing else to campaign for, you could become an
actor.  Clooney could probably get a bit part for you.  You could
be a regular on "The View."

No more seeing your arrogant mug on television, on the internet,
on every newspaper and magazine in the country, on every super-
market tabloid, oh wait, tabloids will probably still run stories
about you and yours.  And Michelle will be your problem, not

Barry, it's time for another name change.  All the voter fraud in
Chicago is not going to save you this time.  That fictitious social
security number from Connecticut has to go.  And it might be time
to re-register at the Selective Service Board, for real this time.  After
all, you did do away with the don't ask, don't tell thing.

Here's the deal Barry, nothing you do is working.  All the stunts you
pulled have had no real effect.  The five trillion, the college debt
thing, the health thing, the mortgage thing, and now the gay thing;
it is not working. 

The Democrats, the sane ones, are tired of you.  The Republicans
are sick of you.  The rednecks have always been against you.  The
Catholics are now against you.  The Prostestants are against you,
so are the Hugenots, the Pilgrims, the Puritans and the Calvinists. 
The Mormons are against you.  The gun and Bible clingers have
always been against you.  Through your arrogance, lies, deceit,
fraud and do-nothing-uselessness, you have managed to
alienate every sane group in the country, and around the world.

The way it's going, you won't get enough votes to be elected
dog catcher in Indonesia.  Manny Paiquaio, from the Philippines
has even weighed in against you.  The Pope is next.  Franklin
Graham thinks you are atilt.  And now you think you can continue
to lecture this country on the Bible and Theology?  Can you read?

America has had enough; of you, of your arrogance, of your
childish, me-first selfishness.  All you have done is tear down and
then blame others for what you have destroyed.  Anything that
you have not managed to ruin, you take credit for.  Have you no

Even the no good, filled with their own hot air, lying, fraudlent,
crooked media can't save your sorry keister this time.  So, all
you have left now is ACORN,  SEIU and their goon squads.

Your Occupy squatters have fizzled and pooped out.  If the goon
squads can cause enough stink at enough voting places, you might
be able to incite some public disorder, some national emergency
which could lead to a Baby Doc thing, you know, "Obama for
Life," dictatorship thing.

Barring that Barry, you might want to have Michelle begin packing
for the move back to Chicago, or Indonesia, or Kenya, or Hawaii,
or Connecticut or where-ever.  Tell her to leave the light bulbs and
toilet paper.  As John McLaughlin says, BYE - BYE!

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