Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ship of Fools

Or Party of Idiots

By John Brenlinger

Having just now viewed the cornucopia of intellectually empty, commonsense-less nitwits in DC at their annual lovefest, called by some, "The White House Correspondents Dinner," there is one thing that Barry Soetoro Davis is good at -- reading speeches prepared by other people. Sans that talent, he is brainless, lights are on but no one home, just plain, teleprompter stupid. The only thing necessary to be at the party is some ridiculous attempts at writing trashy humor, some half wits to read it, and an audience dumb enough and rich enough to be invited.

All Barry Soetoro Davis (I am through referring to him as President Obama, his true alias) is good at is mocking the American way of life, making fun of the people who do the working, giving, living, and the dying for freedom, the actual stuff which keeps a free society growing and thriving. The only thing Soetoro-Davis has to offer is twisted, evil, degenerate decisions, no, I meant opinions on everything which for 380 years now, the free people in America have come to trust.

How in the name of common sense and decency this classless dummy could ever have been elected to anything in this country is enough to mess with the windmills of your mind.

Cook County, the most evil, deceitful, crooked county in Illinios, the most crooked, deceitful, evil, politically dishonest state in America--how could a lazy, indolent, pot smoking, member of the Down Low Club in the "church" of Jeremiah Wright, member of the Man's Country bathhouse in Chicago -- how could a man, well, uhh, person of this low caliber and reputation ever, ever, ever be elected to the highest human
office in the world?

If the crookedest county in the crookedest state won't even allow him or his vacuous partner to practice law, isn't it about time we stop referring to
the both of them as "lawyers?" For that matter, is there any reliable record of him being a "law professor?" No? Thank you.

And if the rest of the stooges in Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, mostly, almost all, "lawyers," will not stand in unison and denounce Barry Soetoro
Davis as an imposter of the criminal sort, what does that say about them? In real law that is referred to as "aiding and abetting," "complicity, participation in
guilt," and yes, that old standby, "co-conspirators, a confederacy between two or more nitwits, sorry, persons, formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, an unlawful or criminal act." Well, I guess that about sums it up. This makes the Watergate Conspiracy look like a Sunday School Picnic of the Methodist variety.

My personal poll of the election this year, if Barry Soetoro Davis allows us to have one, is that he will lose in a horrible landslide. My further prognostication is that Rahm Emanuel won't want him back in Chicago, except at the Down Low Club and the Man's Country Bathhouse thing, so he'll end up buying a condo next to the Clintons, where he'll begin his official memoirs, entitled, "How
I Defrauded the American People, Got Rich -- And You Can Do it Too." Or, in the alternative, he might just get a job at a shoe store in NYC and specialize
in loafers.

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