Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama Campaign Quotes Man Who Posted Racist Tweet, Talked about 'F****** B****es', Socialism

In yet another extremely odd move, the Obama for America PA twitter account quoted @Dan_Mac_ yesterday. The tweet itself was inconsequential drivel that you would expect from the average Obama supporter:
Apparently, however, the Obama campaign either did not bother to look through the accounts of people they are quoting, or support what this person said. Either way, @Dan_Mac_ has authored multiple offensive and racist tweets, mainly focusing on Asian-Americans. One example is this, in which he refers to Asian people as "they" and refers to them through a stereotype:
Throughout @Dan_Mac_'s twitter account, the f-word is use repeatedly and gratuitously. One such tweet reads (obscenities obscured):
And what liberal twitter account would be complete without a yearning for socialism:
Or a creepy, sycophantic love for President Obama?
Just a quick tip to the Obama campaign: unlike the media with Obama in 2008, you might want to vet who you're quoting.

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