Monday, May 21, 2012

NATO To Construct Missile Defense Shield

The NATO summit currently ongoing in Chicago has some great news to report this afternoon - the American-European defense coalition agreed to construct a missile defense shield protecting Europe and the United States from any potential launches that may threaten our security. The defense shield should be completed within the decade.

Russia, unsurprisingly, is on high alert as they fear this defense shield would eliminate their nuclear advantage over Europe and have previously threatened to attack such shield as dangerous to Russian security. However, the construction of this protective shield is luckily out of Russia's hands.

It is nice to see some backbone come out of NATO as recently they have adopted a weaker stance on international affairs due to anti-war citizenry's across the organization's member states and a crushing economic crisis that has strangled defense budgets across the alliance.

This is a strong step forward in both standing up to Iran's nuclear ambitions with a protective hand and in confronting with Russia with the reality we will not allow them to terrorize Eastern Europe any longer with the threat of nuclear annihilation or political occupation.

What say you?

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