Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flashback: Obama in 2004: Deficit is "Enormous Problem"

It's amazing how different the President sounds today as opposed to a handful of years ago. It's almost as if he's a hypocrite or something.

While campaigning in 2004 for the Senate, Barack Obama was asked how he would combat the rising deficit. The interviewer asked, "What are you going to do specifically to cut it or to raise... either to stop spending or raise revenues?"

Ignoring the question completely, as he clearly had no answers, he launched into an attack on the Bush administration, saying:

"I think it is enormous problem (sic). This has been the most fiscally irresponsible administration in certainly my memory. Uh, we have gone from trillion dollar surpluses to trillion dollar deficits in the blink of an eye. Not all of those costs are the fault of the administration, obviously 9/11 occurred and the decline in the economy, but what is also true, uh, it was aided and abetted by a set of fiscal policies that I think, uh, were, uh, on... on the wrong course."

You can watch the video below, with the above excerpt beginning at the twenty second mark.

Trillion dollar deficits, huh? At the time that Mr. Obama made this statement, the Bush deficit was $400,000,000,000, or four hundred billion. Still much too much, but a bald-faced lie by Mr. Obama. In fact, while in office, President Bush's largest deficit was less than five hundred billion dollars. This is in stark contrast to Mr. Obama, whose first year deficit was an enormous 1.85 trillion dollar deficit, or $1,850,000,000,000, more than four times President Bush's largest deficit.

And trillion dollar surpluses? The first year of the Bush Administration brought a surplus of 236.2 billion dollars. It was the highest surplus in a decade, including all of the surpluses and deficits under Clinton. Surpluses took a sharp turn downward because of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In total, Mr. Obama's ramblings were off by well over a trillion dollars. No shock here.

Apparently Mr. Obama is not aware of this thing called "the internet," but people can fact-check his lies. He still hasn't learned, but with the Main Stream Media doing his dirty work, he never has had to.

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