Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Earth to Barry -- You Are Going to Lose

There are some people in life who just don't get it.  This phenom
is best seen in say, a brother in law who thinks he knows every-
thing; a facebook billionaire who used to know everything; and
an Indonesian peasant masquerading as an American president
who knows he knows everything.  (silahkan lulus anjing)

The ability to know certain things does require some realism and
a dose of humility, the only two neighborhoods which Barry and
fam apparently did not inhabit.  But if your imagination goes as
far as thinking you are the baddest burro in the entire world, then
you can make up your own reality.  Problem is, convincing the
rest of the world of your reality.  You know, like when you were
a kid in Jakarta and you had your imaginary friends, Guntar and
Chahaya.  Having them as close friends was probably comforting
when you were alone with presidential aspirations, but you sure
were't able to convince the rest of the Soetoros that they were real.

That you are going to lose and lose huge is just about sure and
certain.  The Dems even believe that.  So here's the deal see--
since you are going to lose, and lose overwhelmingly, why not
just stop all the pettifogging, red herringing and pompous lying?

Howsabout you cease and desist with all the nonsense coming from
that impolitical hackmeister, Axelrod.  BTW -- who the blank cares
what Mitt Romney did in study hall 50 years ago while you were
still an infant in Jakarta in dirty diapers?  And who the blank gives
a blank what kind of horses Ann Romney chooses to ride? 
Seriously, is that the kind of exhumation of dead bones you are
paying that pompous ass Axelrod to dig up?  Come on, is that the
best you can do?  Whats next, bumper cars and the family not
playing nice?  Shopping trips to Vicky's Secret, toppings on the
Friday night pizza?   B-o-r-r-r-i-n-g.

You are making a fool of yourself and alienating everyone.  No
one, even thou, O great one, is powerful enough to make enemies
of everyone.  Y-o-u   a-r-e   g-o-i-n-g   t-o   l-o-s-e --- h-e-l-l-o.
Why not make nice, and start a new fad in Washington --tell
the truth? 

Barry, you are going to need some friends when you lose your
situation this November.  Someone is going to have to like you
enough to invite you to speak for that six figure income from
the nebulous speeches someone will have to write for you.
BTW -- you won't be having Kobe steak, braised aspargus and
sherry sauteed mushrooms on the circuit.  How about you get
used to rubber chicken, limp green beans and potatoes from
out the box?  You like day old Maxwell House, warm?

What are you going to tell them?  "I never told a lie?"  That one
has been used and abused for two hundred years now, and it
was first told by a guy born here, not far from your rental, in
Virginia.   You could say, "I regret that I have but two lives
to give to my countries,"  nah, won't work, won't play in Peoria.
How about, "Give me liberty, or my speaking fee?" 

In short Barry, if you don't stop with the lies, the pathetic
campaign ads, the temper tantrums, the public displays of
bombastic arrogance, you will have the entire country against
you, come November. 

Earth to Barry -- get  real.  Man  up.  Get in the game.  Make
nice to the people who gave you the political ride of ten
lifetimes.  Start working on a polite exit strategy, and quick,
or you're going to end up working at Wal-Mart, or worse, as
a community organizer in the Menteng Dalan, Tebet, South

Please memorize....

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