Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doublespeak, Doubletrouble

BTW:  Barney Frank says he will not invite Barry to his upcoming
wedding.  just sayin'

Okay, the re-definition of marriage thing.  Barry actually thinks he did
something courageous?  That's a laugh.  He is a Chicago politician.  It
is always with them, "what did we gain and what did we lose?"  The
answer to that is, he gained nothing except some Hollywood money,
and he lost the White House, fortunately.  The arrogance of this self
important potentate reminds one of a poem by Emily Dickinson:

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
to tell your name the livelong day
to an admiring bog.

So we see Barry, thinking he is somebody, croaking his own name,
well, an alias, to the public who he thinks is in love with him.  Alas,
they are not.  He is in love with himself, and he shows himself to be
the most insecure person on the planet.  Like a skinny little bullfrog
he thinks he has to croak his name all day and all night, to remind
everyone in the bog that he is still there.  In the trade, we call this,

He now thinks because he usurped the presidency that he now has
authority to re-define marriage?  Lets see, God created the world
and all things in it, He made Adam in His likeness, He created Eve
for Adam, and called her the mother of all the living.  So, here
comes pitchman Barry Soetoro, shilling for a few votes and a few
dollars, so he can keep on croaking in the bog, and he shouts--
"But wait --  there's more.  Men don't have to marry women if
they don't want to.  Women don't have to marry men if they don't
want to.  My position has evolved, after having some snacks with
Malia and Sasha, pass the cheese dip please."

Well, to invoke Charles Darwin is really going out on a limb. 
Chuck was married to a woman, albeit his cousin Emma.  Not
sure if his theory of evolution extended to the upcoming gala
wedding of Barney and Jim, or to the political aspirations of
Barry Soetoro.  But with that loud noise from the Big Bang,
one never knows.

If Barry would tell the truth for once, he could have said that
he has always been for gay marriage, well, homosexual
marriage.  Actually Barry, that's why the Greeks referred to
it as homo-sex: same sex.  And as you know, some countries
are so against it, as a deviant aberration that they outlaw the
act.  But what do you care?  You're a thug from Chicago, thug
smuggling city of political strumpets.

Re-defining marriage?  What will you re-define it as next year,
when you get back to Chicago and become bored?  As your
evolutionary process continues in the survival of the stupidest,
will you define marriage as between a human and an animal?
You said evolution.  Or will it be a union of a Bobcat T-180
and a Peterbilt semi?  What the heck, Bawreck, if you think
you can re-define it, you can make it anything you want.

This slippery personal political slope you are on is very steep
and you are not moving up.  You have been breathing your own
air too long, and in that totally narcissistic process, you are

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