Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Dark and Stormy Week

It was a dark and stormy week for the Soetoro campaign.  Started
off bad and got worse.  There are many reasons for this, not the
least of which is that he has been campaigning his entire political
life.  This campaign began on the day Barry took office, so when
he tried to use the Ohio State Campus as a kickoff, the ball fell off
the tee and the game was called for lack of interest.

Then there is the Barry Soetoro thing.  Who is this guy?  No one
knows, well Rod Blagojevich knows but he is is prison.  The
clubs in Chicago know, but at Down Low and Man's Country,
they're not talking, too scared of the goon squad.

And there's the five trillion dollar thing. (5,000,000,000,000)  But
over the life of the note, paid for by the taxpayers, it will be more
like fifteen trillion dollars. (15,000,000,000,000)  Wouldn't be so
bad except Barry just stole the money from the people who did
not vote for him, and gave it to the people who did, thus making
his personal American dream possible.

Then there is Barry's do nothing useful presidency.  He golfed
a lot, I mean a lot.  Watched a lot of ESPN, vacationed when
he wasn't golfing, at a cost of millions and millions of taxpayer
dollars, while he was telling the American people, "Hey, we're
all in this together.  I know times are tough, but hey, I'm a
president."  And there's his wife, whats-her-name who is busy
tarnishing the reputation of first ladies everywhere.  Better
hurry cutie, you only got six months left to do your thang.  It
will only take Ann Rommney about 30 days to make us forget
your bitter, snotty behavior.

And then there's the gay thing."Oh, by the way America, here's
how my thinking has evolved since the other night. The fam and
I were having Kobe steak, rare of course, braised aspargus with
an onion/lemon sauce reduction, marinated olives with herbs and
anise, roasted chesnuts with black pepper honey, and for desert,
black forest chocolate cake with caramel rasberry icing and a
bittersweet double chocolate sauce, and oh, yeah, that gay
marriage thing, okay by me, where's the TV clicker, is the
game on yet?"

But final straw in Barry's horrendously dark and stormy "first"
campaign kickoff week is that everyone in the country, Dems,
Reps, and Independents have realized that Barry Soetoro is
nothing but a stuffed shirt, morally empty, narcissistic final
example of what politics in America has come to.  He has no
tricks left, used 'em all up.  Got no fastball, no slider, and he
has thrown so many spitters, we know them by now.  He has
been lying the whole time, and he is all out of lies.

The bunch of floozies who have been crafting the material
for Barry's teleprompter are fresh out of lies.  All Barry has
for this campaign is Barry.  Americans are tired of whats-
her name, tired of hearing the Chicago chin music, tired
of hearing how great the "first family" is, and how dumb,
fat and classless the rest of us are.

All Barry can do now is golf every weekend, vacation six
or eight more times generate some new "friends" at his
"pickup" basketball games, look for a soft spot to land in
Chicago, and keep on doing what he has always done best -
nothing useful.

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