Friday, May 04, 2012

Ain't That a Hole in the Boat?

By John Brentlinger

Just for a moment, lets discuss a hypothetical. Lets suppose some facts not in evidence, that are not true, but we should consider what the effect would be, had they been true:

What if George W Bush could not have produced a legimate copy of his birth certificate?

What if George W would not release any grade school records, any medical records, any birth records, any passport records?

What if George W would not release any high school, any college records, or a copy of his college thesis?

What if he had used a number of aliases; what if he had an Indonesian name, and changed it to George W Bush?

What if he had no record of any student loans? And what if he said he just paid them off eight years ago? Can I get an Amen?

What if he was a lawyer and his wife was a lawyer and they both were not allowed to practice law in the state of Texas?

What if George W had not submitted his Selective Service record until 2008, then doctored it to give it apparent age?

What if George W had not one, but sixteen (16) Social Security numbers connected to his name, registered in over a dozen states? What if he had 40 some different addresses tied to his name?

What if Bill Ayers had ghostwritten two books about him, filled with lies, half truths, quarter truths, poorly written fiction and then offered them to the public for campaign fodder?

What if George W belonged to the "Down Low Club" at Jeremiah Wrights' mess he calls a church?

What if he had been a member of a bath house in Chicago called Man's Country?

What if George W had forty-nine (49) separate lawsuits filed against him concerning his birth records?

And hypothetically speaking, what if George W had spent over one and a half million dollars, ($1,500,00) to hide all the records of everything he had ever done? And then, what if he had pulled all that low life, lying deceit and then tried to run for president?

Not only would he not have gotten one vote, he would have been indicted, dragged before a grand jury, received a true bill, gone to trial, lost his case after being found guilty of more felonies than Barry Soetoro had social security numbers, and he would be in prison for the rest of his life.

Thankfully, that is all hypothetical - - - for Mr. Bush.

But for Barry Soetoro Davis alias Barack Hussein Obama, that friends--is real life, and believe it or not, he is in the White House, well, some of the time, and as Dean Martin used to say, "Ain't that a hole in the boat?"

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  1. What if George W. Bush:

    Started two wars and wasted lives and billions of dollars?

    Gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy, thus caused the national debt to grow?

    Economic policies help cause a near economic collapse?

    Economic policies cause the greatest wealth disparity in 50 years?

    Economic policies help cause the greatest job loss since the Great Depression?

    Used 911 to pass unconstitutional laws, taking away our rights (Patriot Act)?

    Yes to all the above and more ...

    1. All I hear is another delusional progressive crackpot. Where were YOU when the democrats almost single-handedly collapsed out system with the first domino falling at the hand of Fanny-Freddie and Bush/Cheney were solidly rebuffed by the dem controlled congress many times? You people have mastered the art of keeping the finger ponted away from youas you continue to rape America as you hold a handon her mouth. Socialism/Marxism/communism is all the same and has always had the same result- Death. BK

    2. All you heard was the truth! --> I didn’t say anything about Obama, you just assumed I was an Obama supporter, I’m not.