Sunday, April 01, 2012

Toureg Rebels Seize Timbuktu

Mali has just gone to hell.

The aftermath of last week's coup by dissatisfied soldiers, who rebelled in part because of President Toure's handling of the Tourag rebellion in the North, has been devastating for the nation: allies are enforcing crippling economic sanctions for overthrowing the democratic government and the rebels control the entire North now.

Including the ancient trading city of Timbuktu, which fell early this morning to the rebels, who are descendants of nomadic clans attempting to declare their centuries old herding lands where they've historically dwelt as an independent nation. They are also fighting alongside islamists aligned with al-Qaida.

Mali soldiers were fleeing Timbuktu as the rebels advanced, leaving only arab militia's to defend it, who apparently weren't able to hold it for long.

Neighboring governments should immediately put the coup down, restore President Toure until the scheduled election is held in the next couple of weeks and push the al-Qaida alligned rebels back to the stoneage. There is absolutely no excuse for Mali's dire situation to be ignored...... and unless we act now, who knows how much more will be lost.

What say you?

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