Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Poll: Romney Leads Pennsylvania

The mini-Super Tuesday being held in three weeks is vital for Rick Santorum: he must win his home state of Pennsylvania, or else his campaign is officially 100% dead, and Romney will reach the 1,144 delegates sooner then anyone expected.

And if the latest survey conducted by Public Policy Polling is accurate, then the fat lady better start warming up:

Romney - 42%
Santorum - 37%
Ron Paul - 9%
Gingrich - 6%

Just two weeks ago Santorum held his home state - where he was elected twice to the U.S. Senate - by double digits, and now he's trailing to someone who has absolutely no right leading in his back yard.... And unless his campaign does something unbelievable, or voters are duped into buying the "lets deny Mitt for no reason" argument, then his candidacy is finished.

Perhaps it will finally end before we reach the last primary in early June...

What say you?

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