Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Looking to See the Book of Mormon?

A lot of people are excited to see the new play, the Book of Mormon, by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Parker and Stone, of course, are the great comedic minds behind many popular projects. These include South Park and Team America. South Park is entering into its 16th season and is on of the most popular and long running series in the history of television.

If you've watched South Park, you have probably seen the episode about the foundation of Mormonism (or the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints). In the episode, Joseph Smith creates the new religion in the 19th century while reading off of alleged golden plates. The Mormon family was impeccably nice, which was a positive thing in the end. Still, the episode offered an insight into the religion that many in the young demographic may not had realized.

So off of the similar concept, we get the new project: The Book of Mormon. You can get Book of Mormon tickets. This has received good reviews. In fact, the New York Times said of the play that:

“The Book of Mormon” thoroughly understands this difference. This makes all the sweeter its celebration of the privilege, for just a couple of hours, of living inside that improbable paradise called a musical comedy.
So you should consider seeing this musical. If you like South Park or any of the other projects that Parker and Stone went into, you should consider seeing the play. You may like the ambiance and the particular sense of comedy. The play has had a lot of good reviews, and has the right balance of satire and comedy, not allowing it to sink too far into silliness. It also does not take too serious attention to itself. This makes the musical able to have staying power that can have it around for years.

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