Saturday, April 07, 2012

Junta Cedes Power in Mali

In a dramatic change of events, the junta that has ran Mali since late March has agreed to stand down from power, and cede government control to the leader of Mali's national assembly, who will run the nation until elections are held sometime in the upcoming weeks.

The junta's takeover has been a diaster from the beginning: Toureg and al-Qaida fighters have seized Mali's entire northern territory in just three weeks, while neighboring nations angered over the illegal coup have placed crippling sanctions on the regime and every ally in the world has condemned them.

I am hoping this constitutional return to power will bring more effective government on the northern front, as the Mali government cannot allow the Toureg and al-Qaida fighters to establish a foothold in western Africa, or for their country to be destroyed by 14th century nomads seeking to establish their own country on long gone herding grounds.

What say you?

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