Monday, April 16, 2012

British Lord Suspended for Offering Bounty to Capture Obama and Bush

Yes, you read that accurately.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, who was born in Pakistan and elevated to lordship in 2007 by Mr. Blair, has been suspended from the Labour Party for comments he recently made concerning the $10 million bounty America has offered for the capture of Hafiz Saeed, who is responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

While visiting his native country, Lord Ahmed reportedly said to Pakistani newspapers that if the U.S. could announce a bounty for Saeed that he could announce one for President Obama, and the previous occupant, President Bush. He has quickly stepped back from these comments, but the damage is done.

And this isn't the first time he has made such remarks either: he has called repeatedly for a war crimes tribunal for both former Prime Minister Blair and former President Bush, he said Salman Rushdie had blood on his hands after he received knighthood, he visited Qaddafi when NATO was fighting against him and almost every one of those remarks was somehow, in his words, taken out of context, or never said.

I'm not exactly sure how Britain expels their Lords, considering it's a lifetime position, but I would be researching that information right now if I was a member of Parliament, because such a man with evil beliefs and openly anti-british sentiment should not be allowed to serve in one of the most respectable houses of legislature in the world.

What say you?

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