Saturday, April 21, 2012

The 2012 VP Sweepstakes

Let the 2012 Vice-Presidential sweepstakes begin!

It seems I can't read a story about the 2012 election or Mitt Romney anymore without the inevitable discussion of who he will select to be his running mate. So, why not indulge in the madness?

Presidential candidates select their running mates for one of three reasons: excite the base; excite an region, or for governing qualities. George Bush's selection of Cheney was the third, while McCain's surprise Palin pick was the first, and I can't remember the last time someone was selected to carry a state.

However, this election is going to be different from past contests (just look at the historical trends the three amigos shattered during the primaries), and the choice of one very popular regional statesman might turn the race this November. But that doesn't mean Romney is just waiting to unveil Portman, who is largely unknown outside of Ohio, as his number two.

He might take the base more into consideration then he normally would to salve doubts about him in general, or he might just really have someone he considers qualified for the position, and he doesn't give two damns what the political ramifications will be. Both are possible, just as much as the first.

Regardless, no one will know what he's thinking until sometime before the convention in August and who knows what the political landscape will look like by then. He might be up by five points, and go with the gut choice, or he could be trailing by five and select the base pleasing, swing state politician, who might save his campaign from ultimate defeat.

All we can do is go through the countless choices, thus driving ourselves insane in the process, but at the same time fulfilling our inner political junky man-child, and hope our favored candidate is picked.

What say you?

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