Monday, March 12, 2012

Three-Way Battle in Dixie

After the caucuses this past weekend gave us mixed results: Romney won 3 contests, Santorum won 1 contest and Paul won 1 contest, the Republican marathon is heading to Alabama and Mississippi in an statistical dead heat between the three main candidates.

In what could only happen this primary, three candidates are within single digits of one another in the states of true dixie, where 90 delegates will be proportionally awarded tomorrow night, likely split up three ways if polling reflects the actual results.

However, Romney does have bragging rights regardless - for him to be currently leading in Alabama, and closely in second in Mississippi, when most consider him a creature of the north eastern moderate establishment, means Republicans across the country recognize the strongest candidate when they see him and that both his opponents are very weak in their ideological backyards.

Tomorrow's results could very well end the campaign as we know it if Romney can pull off one, even two victories in dixie, which he admitted last week was like playing an away game. Gingrich would have no more excuses for remaining in the race, and Santorum could finish third in both contests, and that wouldn't help convince voters he can seriously challenge Romney.

Either way, tomorrow is going to be fun.

What say you?

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