Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Race That Will Never End

After a severe lack of sleep last night, partially due to waiting for American Samoa and Hawaii to announce their results, I have reviewed the numbers from last night and they are interesting to say nothing else of yesterday's mini super tuesday contests.

First off, Santorum's twin-Dixie victories are important for his campaign. It basically kills all hope Gingrich had of realistically contesting the nomination, while setting up the two-man race we have waited 30 contests for.

Secondly, Romney won the evening's delegate count: Romney 42; Santorum 36; Gingrich 24. He's slowly building up his impressive lead over Santorum, which is still two-to-one, while lacking just several more delegates to reach 500 overall.

Thirdly, American Samoans have the right idea for these political contests: hold them at the bar & grill, have some delicious steak, then caucus. As someone who doesn't believe in drinking, I really envied them last night as I watched the results slowly come in from dixie.

Lastly, the battle that will never end continues onward. Both Missouri and Puerto Rico caucus this weekend and Illinois votes on Tuesday; over 120 delegates are at stake, and if Romney does really well, he could reach the half-way point of 574 delegates.

What say you?

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