Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paul Wins Virgin Islands, But Not Really...

2012 Virgin Islands GOP Caucus:

Ron Paul - 112
Romney - 101
Santorum - 23
Gingrich - 18
Uncommited - 130

Ron Paul has won his first contest of the 2012 Republican marathon, and it will gain him absolutely no attention whatsoever, because he only won one delegate as the victor, while Mitt Romney won 7 and 1 remains uncommitted right now.

So, the media is reporting an Romney victory, which is correct considering all 3 of his delegates on the ballot were elected to the convention (all 3 superdelegates supported him, as well as one former uncommitted) and Paul's top delegate finished in fifth place, while the other 5 all finished below 20 votes.

I guess we can call this the victory that wasn't, because while Paul can now say he won one contest, which took place on islands known for brilliant vacationing, he won only one of nine delegates and the press is already reporting Romney's delegate victory as the more important of the two.

What say you?

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