Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The GOP Delegate Road Going Forward

With the ballots all counted, and most of the delegates either awarded or estimated, we can finally take one moment and examine the road forward to the nomination for all three of the leading candidates.

And one thing is for sure, that road is going to be difficult for all three of them.

As of this morning's latest Associated Press estimation, the various states have awarded 745 delegates among five GOP candidates, and 1,541 remain to be awarded as the process continues into spring, and god forbid, early summer.

Mitt Romney has won 415 delegates, or over 56% of those awarded.
Rick Santorum has won 176 delegates, or just 23% of those awarded.
Newt Gingrich has won 105 delegates, or just 14% of those awarded.
Rep. Ron Paul has won 47 delegates, or barely 6% of those awarded.
Jon Huntsman has won 2 delegates, or simply 0.1% of those awarded.

So how does the road look for each candidate moving forward?


To claim the nomination, Romney has to win just around half of the remaining delegates, while both Santorum and Gingrich have to win in excess of sixty percent.

However, in April states can start awarding their delegates by winner-take-all, which will eliminate this idiotic proportional system we're dealing with right now, and it makes the road ever so slightly easier for Mitt Romney, who can run up his delegate count in states like California, Maryland, New York and maybe even Pennsylvania.

Regardless, this road is going to be a long one for the eventual nominee, and it starts again Saturday literally across the world in Guam, Kansas, The Northern Marianas Islands, and The Virgin Islands, which award a combined 67 delegates all through caucuses.

Stay tuned.

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