Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Delegate Battle (3/14/12)

Update (12:50 pm) - With Romney's 20 point victory in Hawaii, he won yesterday's delegate contest with 43, while Santorum gained 36 and Gingrich got 24. There are still delegates floating around in Alabama and Hawaii, but Romney only needs 5 more to reach 500.

Update (2:26 am) - Proving I have no life outside of politics, I waited for American Samoa to report - 9 more delegates for Romney. He now leads the night 33-30 over Santorum, if he wins big in Hawaii, he reaches 500 delegates before breafast on east coast.

Here are the latest delegate counts from the close Alabama and Mississippi GOP contests, which Rick Santorum both won last evening.

Alabama (50 delegates):

Santorum - 17
Gingrich - 12
Romney - 10
Unknown - 11

Mississippi (40 delegates):

Romney - 14
Santorum - 13
Gingrich - 12
Unknown - 1

With 12 delegates still up for grabs in the dixie primaries, we now have to consider the 29 delegates that American Samoa and Hawaii will award sometime this morning, most of which are expected to land in Romney's camp.

Meaning - that even though Santorum won the two big battles, although by small margins in the all-important delegate count, Romney could still take the day in terms of widening his lead in the magic number battle of 1,144 to become the nominee against Obama this November.

Romney stands at 476 delegates right this moment, while Santorum is 232 behind in second, and the others are even farther back. He may very well reach 500 tonight and the half-way point of 572 next week in Illinois, while the others rapidly approach it being statistically impossible for them to win.

What say you?

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