Sunday, March 04, 2012

2012 Republican Delegate Count

These are the current estimated delegate counts from the Associated Press:

Romney - 180
Santorum - 90
Gingrich - 29
Ron Paul - 23
Huntsman - 2

Through two months of voting, slightly more than 300 delegates have been awarded to the field, but everything is about to change - 466 delegates are set to be awarded in Super Tuesday's 10 state run, which could result in either this race getting a lot closer, or someone pulling away altogether.

1,144 delegates are required to win the Republican nomination, anything less after the first ballot is considered to be an brokered convention, in which delegates can support whomever they please for our nomination, regardless if they have been in the race, or not.

Stay tuned for continuing primary updates from Pundit Press.

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