Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Romney Will Win Michigan

The battle for Michigan is in its final stages, as Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney zigzag across the crucial state for last second voters, however, I am almost completely certain that Romney will win regardless of what Santorum does over the next couple of days, because of his message right now.

Romney, who has regained the lead after working tirelessly to overcome Santorum's trifecta, is on newfound campaign ground: tea party adherents. He's making the case, positively, that he not only qualifies as a conservative candidate, but as the strongest one to take on President Obama this fall.

Most tea partiers still look at Romney with suspicion, but the fact he's out of his comfort zone and reaching out to tea partiers instead of locking up moderates, or regular conservatives, shows me his campaign is extremely confident their base will come strong for him, and now he's venturing out to Santorum's base to gain a little more.

Another indicator is Santorum's own messaging towards Romney these past couple of days. Gone, absolutely gone, is nice Rick as he refers to Mitt Romney as an Occupy Wall Street adherent.... all because he favors limiting deductions for the uber-wealthy, while pushing to decrease everyone's income taxes by 20%.

The last thing Republican voters want to see is one candidate calling another leftist codewords and injecting class warfare into the race. It destroyed Newt Gingrich when he attacked Romney's Bain success, and it will do the same to Santorum for equating the former governor with socialists, who want to destroy the wealthy, which would seem counter-productive for someone as wealthy as Mr. Romney.

When the results come out Tuesday night and Romney is the victor, just remember this article: the candidate won by being positive and reintroducing his roots to voters, while the loser went with an class warfare argument that backfired.

What say you?

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