Monday, February 27, 2012

TJ Lane Twitter Account

TJ Lane allegedly had a Twitter account that has been pulled due to the shooting. The alleged shooter also had a facebook account where he apparently put up this photo.

According to Twitter users, he also put up this picture on his Twitter account last night.

His arrest photo can be seen here. And his yearbook picture. And his crappy poetry.

UPDATE: It appears that this is not the same person that conducted the shooting. No confirmation on who it is.

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  2. its not him. the photos from the facebook are completly different.

  3. its him you fucking idiots.

  4. Guys, this ain't him.. He and this guy look nothing alike

  5. it does not look the same, the other boy looks much younger. either way, he needs help and prayers just as do the victims do.

  6. i bet tj was drunk.

  7. he is such a retard dumbass

  8. As far as I can tell, it isn't him. The TJ Lane character has darker hair, did some working out obviously, and just, the face on the guy holding the gun in the Twitter photos looks totally different.

    Could be a frame. Pick the quiet kid at school who happens to look like this guy.

    Dunno. Doesn't add up with a guy doubling up his grades and doing all the working out and such. I know people who have more intense poetry.

    Dunno. It will most likely be reveiled later on today.

  9. As someone who knows TJ personally, I can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is NOT him. All comments stating otherwise are incorrect

  10. Replies
    1. Bullied Kidd feels all alone
      Bullied killer’s coming home:
      Storms the castle, scales the wall
      Princes die and clique kings fall
      Click, click, bang – six rounds cast out
      Clique’s gone, bang, Charred clowns, no clout
      Royal upset, peasant’s fire,
      Those “too good” now get his ire
      Unafraid of judgment’s rule?
      Meet your maker, kids at school
      Violent hearts and slashing tongues
      Thought they’re better’n anyone
      Deathly quiet they cause no pain
      Mouths aren’t shooting off at Lane
      Teacher Guards are brick in wall
      Chasing peasant from the hall
      rEmolution has begun
      Black-clad soldier with a gun
      Helmet – dark thoughts – on his head
      Warned he wished that all were dead
      Didn’t expect to see his eye
      Taking aim at next to die
      Never cared to see his pain
      You frown now cuz bullets rain

    2. That poem is so painfully real. We need to care before kids like TJ die inside. He was a victim way before he hurt anyone else. Did you ever see him, did you hear his cries? Would you have looked him in the eye? No one heard him silently screaming! There didn't have to be a next to die! Look, who else is screaming. Will you touch them?

  11. As a Chardon High School student, and a friend of TJ... I can 100% say that is not him. Also, that person in this picture does not go to Chardon either. Thank you to all of your guy's support, love, and prayers!