Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romney Wins Michigan

After weeks of intense fighting between the two leaders, Mitt Romney has won the Michigan GOP Primary with nearly 85% of precincts reporting. He was thought to be on the decline as Santorum's campaign was thought to be gaining 'momentum' over the weekend, but he is on track to win by four, maybe five points.

With 84% of precincts reporting (via Fox):

Romney - 346,840 (41%)
Santorum - 317,100 (38%)
Ron Paul - 97,961 (12%)
Gingrich - 55,655 (7%)

Mr. Romney just out did his 2008 performance of 338,000 votes, even though only 810,000 votes have been counted, which is nearly 60,000 less then ballots cast overall last time around. So, folks might obsess over Santorum's strong showing, but Romney has both improved his vote totals, percentage, and strength over the last primary.

Not bad for some at risk of losing his native state, eh?

Add this to his victory in Arizona, and tonight is a very good night for Romney, in regards to two major victories, and claiming over 75% of delegates when all votes are counted.

What say you?


  1. No, it is bad for someone in his native state a 3-4% victory is practically nothing. Romney's an incredibly weak candidate

  2. Now that that's over, good luck on your driver's test, Tim!

  3. Remember, Romney received 38% in 2008 compared to 41% this time, not to mention he gained 30,000 or more votes this time around and no one challenged him in the state last time. He has gotten stronger in his home state he hasn't resided in since the 70's? while his opponents got weaker. And he would've have done better if Santorum wasn't trying to off set GOP votes with Democrats.

  4. I think Romney supporters have no idea what a quixotic quest they are on. Millions of conservatives - enough to matter - see little difference between Myth and Obama. THIS conservative will for the first time in 8 elections vote 3rd party if he's the nominee.

    Let the damage done by a leftist be attributed to the Dems not the GOP. I held my nose and voted for Bush 1. Did the same for Dole and McStain. And Myth is worse than any of them.

    How did conservatives ever get ourselves in this predicament?