Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michigan: Santorum's Disgrace

Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders will be heading to the polls in a few hours to decide the hotly contested Republican Primary bout between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, but the last ditch plans Santorum has been implementing in the state should be the downfall of his candidacy.

According to Public Policy Polling, the race is in a statistical dead head right now that could go either way, but one interesting fact note should cause Republicans to pause: Romney leads among registered Republicans (43-38%), while Santorum picks up his small one-point lead among Democrats - who are behind him 47-10%.

Some might claim these are blue dogs, but there's no standing for that, because Santorum's campaign is currently running robo-calls to Democrat voters attacking Mitt Romney for opposing the auto bailout, while Democratic consultants are attempting to get their ranks to cross party lines tomorrow, and back Santorum to hurt Romney's chances...

Wow. And I thought this was the Republican primary.

Call Romney whatever you want, but when the going got tough - he went after his opponent's actual track records; he didn't attempt to bring voters from the opposing party into the fray and steal a win.

It's apparent who I support in the primary, and I'm not asking you to back my man, but please think about the actions of Santorum and whether their consistent with how Conservative Republicans are supposed to act. And remember, please vote and get all your friends too, this is important and every one should be involved.

What say you?