Thursday, February 02, 2012

Liberal Logic On Finger Pointing

This great graphic was put together by the folks at All American Blogger. If Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's finger pointing at President Obama was a racist act, what about all of the finger pointing by President Obama and the liberal left?

The liberal left sincerely believes that conservative ideas are code for racist ideas. Leftists think that the conservatives they know just don't understand the racist implications of the ideas they express.

To dislike George W. Bush, if you are a liberal, is very understandable; to think he is the incarnation of evil is unhinged. To dislike Tea Partiers because you dislike their ideas is fine, but to treat them like violent, racist anarchists is clearly unhinged. These primarily middle aged working adults, left the national mall cleaner than they found it and have had no significant violence associated with the movement.

Conservatives may be frustrated by OWS, but we just roll our eyes and make fun of their silliness. The liberal left holds them up as paragons of virtue, in spite of their lice and rat infested dirtiness and the violence that occurred all around them. In the same way they dislike Obama's bad ideas without needing to vilify him as more than frustratingly naive and incompetent.

Conservatives see these as examples of the left's cognitive dissonance. The left just doesn't seem to see much that is real about the right.

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