Monday, February 20, 2012

Harris: Reagan Greatest Modern President

First off, happy Presidents' Day everyone. I am sure the children of America are thrilled with their one week vacation and maybe some of them will actually learn a little something about the men this day is named for during that time.

Second, if I asked you who the greatest President since World War 2 was - who would you say?

Well, if you're like 25% of the country - Ronald Reagan would receive your vote, beating out Franklin Roosevelt (19%) and John Kennedy (15%) by solid margins, according to The Harris Poll. The survey also found that Americans rank Reagan the second greatest leader in our history, just behind Lincoln.

And what if I asked you about the worst Presidents since World War 2?

You might have guessed the current one and his predecessor aren't that loved in the United States right now. 27% rank Bush as the worst, while 22% bestow that honour on Obama - leaving Nixon oddly not directly on the bottom with 12%. This must be a set-back for self-proclaimed fourth greatest president in American history...

What say you?

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