Monday, January 02, 2012

Vote: Who Would You Support in the Iowa Caucus?

The Republican Iowa Caucus is tomorrow and by all accounts it will be a very close race.  Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have been neck-and-neck in the polls for months now, but a Rick Santorum surge in the last week makes Iowa appear to be a three-way race.  Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich are also on the ballot.

Who will win is completely up in the air at the moment and will be until tomorrow night.  However, right now, who would you vote for if you had a chance to voice your support in the Iowa caucus?  Sure enough, some candidates that are in the race right now may not be in it by the time the primary in your state rolls around, so vote in our poll and make yourself heard now.

Vote below:

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  1. Do NOT allow the news media to choose YOUR candidate. They gave us McCain because they KNEW HE WOULD LOSE AGAINST OBAMA! The media gives ONLY NEGATIVE AIRTIME to Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum because they fear REAL AMERICAN candidates and give mostly POSITIVE AIRTIME to Romney, Ron Paul and Huntsman because they are part of the George Soros' AGENDA 21 machine. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON AGENDA 21 and you'll realize that there are serious efforts underway to place control of the United States solely into the hands of the UNITED NATIONS.

    The U.N. is actively working to strip we American citizens of the one thing that prevents the police state from conquering us: OUR GUNS. Understand the REAL purpose of Eric Holder's (DOJ) and the ATF's 'Fast & Furious' scandal: To overwhelm Mexico with assault weapons resulting in wide spread gun crimes (including the death of two U.S. Border Patrol agents), thus giving the 0bama Administration the green light to impose crippling restrictions ON U.S. GUN DEALERS (FFL'S) LEADING TO WIDESPREAD GUN CONTROL THEN GUN BANS. If the government can restrict guns through the firearms dealers (FFL's), then they can 'backdoor' or "under the radar" (in 0bama's words) take guns away from the American people.

    Was the BP oil rig failure an accident? No! It was sabotaged so 0bama would have the excuse he needed to impose strict moratoriums on domestic oil drilling in favor of 'crony socialist' green energy programs which are nothing more than money-laundering operations for 0bama's 2012 campaign. Where did the Solyndra money go? Why hasn't anyone been prosecuted for the unexplained disappearance of $500 million?

    What about Joe Biden's self-proclaimed miracle worker Jon Corzine and his UNEXPLAINED LOSS OF $1.2 BILLION via MF Global? Where are the prosecutions? WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE over Corzine's criminal misuse of customer funds? Why has the media not pursued this story?

    All of 0bama's Chicago thug friends are crooks, some of them now in Federal prison; Blagovich, Tony Rezko, etc.. WHERE'S THE MEDIA OUTRAGE? Watergate was nothing compared to the high crimes of 0bama and his cronies!

    'Fast & Furious' is Watergate on steroids yet Eric Holder seems immune from accountability, has shunned resignation and even worse; 0BAMA'S FAILURE TO FIRE HIM indicates his approval of this insanely criminal scheme!

    The absence of media outrage is deafening. The obviousness of their political bias is blinding. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  2. Vote Ron Paul unless you more of the same for the next decade under the Democrat or Republican that will mean, less liberty, more deficit spending and borrowing, higher taxation, too big to fail bailouts and more wars we should not be involved in and we cannot afford. Stand up for America and liberty, vote Ron Paul

  3. According to a much younger Ron Paul, Ron Paul is too old to be running for elective office. He is still a nut.

  4. I think your poll is rigged.

  5. Pundit Press, you're busted cheating the poll, ten minutes ago Ron Paul had 53 votes, now he has 48, after I voted for him, the vote count would be, if the poll was not fake, 54, right?

  6. Yep, its rigged. I am in contact with various people sharing the results when they take it. The number of Ron Paul's votes keep going up and down. From 53 to 48 to 50.

  7. The poll isn't rigged, Paultards. Hollow bones clearly mistook Perry's total for Paul who (shocker) has the exact same amount of votes that Paul "should" have had. If you want conspiracies, go back to AboveTopSecret and complain about 9/11 or the Jooooos.

  8. Well look at that, votes for Ron Paul have exploded. What a freaking surprise, looks like the poll wasn't rigged after all and the Paulites above were a bit too keen on crazed conspiracy theories

  9. Its not leggit, I saw it with my own eyes. I saw the results go up then down then in between.

  10. I don't know who leggit is, but if the results are any indication (and they are), you were mistaken. Also, if they're not legit, then are you arguing that Ron Paul really has no support and shouldn't be winning the poll?

  11. RON PAUL! Save our constitutional rights! RON PAUL!

    Aaron Lewis / Staind, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, Vince Vaughn, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Joe Rogan / Fear Factor


  12. You tell it Orlando Bro! And to my fellow Ron Paul supporters who are spelling words wrong and accusing people of conspiracies, knock it off, you're making us look bad

  13. Joe C. bullshit, pleasure yourself at home, not here, it's messy and ugly.

  14. To the 1st Anonymous at 2:04 pm

    Gingrich is a member of the elite globalist organization the Council on Foreign Relations whose sole purpose is to create a one world government so he is NOT what our country needs - ever.
    Bachmann voted FOR the NDAA in May before it went to the Senate and the objectionable language was in it at the time. She is another traitor.
    Santorum is determined to start WW3. No thank you.
    We all know Mitt is the 'chosen one' so, aside from all his other problems, he is definitely out.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate who has never flip-flopped. Ron Paul has always adhered to his oath and followed the Constitution.
    Ron Paul wrote the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, HR 1146, which will withdraw the US from the UN and kick the UN out of the US. He wrote and submitted it while Newt was Speaker and Newt wouldn't even look at it. Ron Paul has submitted it with every new Congress since 1996 and it is still sitting in Committee.

    If we are to restore our Republic and retain our unalienable rights, Ron Paul must be our next President. Any other choice, and we are dead as a nation and the progressives will have won.
    President Ron Paul 2012

  15. Hollow bones, stop with the swearing and the conspiracy theories. Jesus, we're trying to get Dr. Paul supporters, not alienate people. Maybe you did make a mistake? And even if you weren't, what good is attacking random people on the internet?