Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tebow Vs. New England

Denver Broncos quarter back Tim Tebow has become the most talked about football player since... I can't recall when, with this improbable winning streak and unabashed Christianity. And tonight's big playoff game between his Broncos and the number one seeded New England Patriots has everyone a watching.

The world is rooting for the 14 point underdog Tebow against the football version of Goliath, but I'm rather sure the Patriots are not only going to win strongly tonight, and look good doing it, but will be introducing Tebow to the worst defeat of his entire life - in front of the entire nation.

Now could I be wrong and Tebow pulls it off again? Absolutely. However, that's very unlikely in my honest opinion, especially since his team has been battered by injuries and the Patriots are well rested.

Regardless of outcome, tonight's game will probably be watched by more viewers than usual and will be extremely interesting to say the least.

What say you?

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