Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow in Afghanistan

In what can only be described as good news, snow is blanketing the mountains of Afghanistan and will likely continue to do so until May, which means the farmers will finally have enough water to maintain vital wheat crops, and prevent the dire threats of mass starvation Afghans have faced this past decade.

It is also good news for the Afghans militarily, as it will allow their people to catch their breathe for several months after the treacherous 2011 campaign waged by the Haqqani and Taliban networks. I can't say the same for our soldiers, because their timeline to get business done is greatly diminished by the enemy retreating to the mountains and because Obama is drawing down troops early this year for political gain.

Hopefully, we can use this military downtime to continue further training of Afghan forces and even launch a couple of operations into the mountains; catching the Taliban off guard and perhaps setting the precedent for continuing to engage the enemy through all seasons in the nation, although the near evil weather will most likely prevent that.

What say you?

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