Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire Votes

Hundreds of thousands of Granite State voters are heading to the polls today to select the Republican nominee for the 2012 election, although polling and early results indicate Mitt Romney will likely be victorious by a wide margin. Strong turnout was predicted earlier, but this morning's slow trickle has some questioning that.

I personally believe Mr. Romney is going to destroy his competition with near 40%; Huntsman by the thinnest of margins places second ahead of Paul; Santorum finishes fourth; Gingrich disappointingly fifth and Perry sixth - barely polling ahead of Buddy Roemer.

There have been numerous surprises in New Hampshire before, so don't rule out anything occurring, but all paths point to Romney at this point and I don't see anything, or anyone, interfering with that.

All precints are open until eight this evening - so head out and vote! Make your voice be known, New Hampshire and be proud of your coveted first in the nation primary!

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