Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Michelle Obama Spends $50,000 in Lingerie Spending-Spree

$50,000 is higher than the national median for yearly income in the United States.  Less than half of working Americans can earn it in a single year.  $50,000 can buy food for a family for years.  $50,000 can pay off mountains of debts.  But for the first lady Michelle Obama, $50,000 is a spending spree for lingerie.

And apparently, the clothes store Agent Provocateur is Mrs. Obama's store of choice.  According to the Telegraph, Mrs. Obama closed off part of Madison Avenue in New York City in order to have some "alone time" shopping for lingerie.
Mrs. Obama
Agent Provocateur sells clothes that range into the thousands of dollars.  For most Americans, that's a couple weeks of pay checks.  For Mrs. Obama, that's a handmade Calais lace corset.

What effect this will have in the general election is unknown.  But this should ruffle the feathers of millions of people struggling to get by while the First Lady goes on a spending spree in Manhattan.

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