Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Iowa Caucuses Day

Today is the day Conservatives, Republicans, political junkies and six candidates have been waiting for: the Iowa Caucuses.

Hundreds of thousands of Republican inclined Iowans wont be "picking corn" as Jon Huntsman said last week, but potentially the next President of the United States. And if caucus goers are as unpredictable as recent surveys suggest, the victor might not be known until very late tonight when every precint reports.

I'm guessing Romney and Santorum finish almost even, while Perry places third and Ron Paul drops to fourth - where he belongs - leaving Gingrich and Bachmann barely placing above the bottom feeders... namely, Buddy Roemer and the five dozen diehards who write in Sarah Palin as their last act of devout followship.

One thing is for sure - the race for the nomination is no longer three debates, and two months away, just a couple more hours until the sun shines over Iowa and the regular folks who populate that little slice of midwestern heaven head to their local precints and cast their ballots.

What say you?

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