Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Draft Daniels? Too Late

I didn't watch the Mitch Daniels GOP response to Obama's SOTU address, but I did read the transcript and can understand why some wanted the Indiana Governor with apparent wonkish qualities to throw caution to the wind and run for president this cycle. He's brilliant and would appeal to the only voting bloc of 2012: those concerned with the economy.

However, to those who still insist he should be drafted into running: wake up and drink some coffee. Filing deadlines end any real possibility of Daniels being able to run for the nomination at this point, along with the fact voters are not going to start a massive write-in campaign for someone they do not know.

And if I hear even one mention of a brokered convention in Tampa, I'll scream, because if we don't have a nominee by late August - you can forgot about competing for, let alone, winning the general election against Obama, who will have had nearly seven months of unopposed campaign time by then.

I understand the lack of love for our current GOP field, but it's all we're getting at this point. So, could we please focus on the four men running for President and not the men who aren't?

What say you?

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