Monday, December 19, 2011

There is Hope for America Yet - Americans Prioritize Growing Economy over Spreading the Wealth

Gallup released a new poll that is not good for President Obama's campaign strategy.  
Importance of federal government attempting series of actions

But what is really fascinating is this:
Do you think that fact that some in America are rich and some are poor is a fact of life

Even with the economy being much worse than it was in 1998 more than half feel that there being a difference between rich and poor is acceptable.  Another words, they like capitalism. 

President Obama should take heed.  Even in a horrible economy Americans don't want a quasi-socialist economy that President Obama has spent the past three years trying to create.  

God Bless America. 

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  1. We must change our tax structure to a open border system. When Reagan gave us free trade policy, he left in place our current tax system which is a closed border tax structure, and even with a flat tax, we have lost our US Industry and are to the end of the rope.

    How to fix the USA economy