Friday, December 02, 2011

Occupy London has Become "Animal Farm"

Did these idiots expect anything different from their "leaders:"
They have been protesting about 'corporate greed' outside St Paul's Cathedral for weeks with an apparent goal to destroy capitalism.

But it seems the Occupy London camp in the heart of the capital's financial district is having trouble controlling its own financial affairs.

This week some demonstrators were accused of becoming 'elitist' with too much power over the group amid accusations of the misuse of funds.

Some were said to regard themselves as 'more equal than others' and have been compared to the ruling elite satirised in George Orwell's famous Animal Farm.

The allegations emerged as the demonstrators met for a meeting in Starbucks on Tuesday but argued about their pot of money and how and when it should be spent, The Times said.
"More equal than others"
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