Thursday, December 01, 2011

Election 2011: Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Leading Opposition

Although the official results from Egypt's first round of voting will not be released until tomorrow, due to the large voter turnout earlier this week in Alexandria, and Cairo, government officials have said the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party have likely captured 45% of seats on the ballot.

I'm no expert on Egyptian politics by any means, but the first stage of voting was centered in big cities, while the next two will be in rural areas and small cities - and typically the latter is far more islamist in nature than the former, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood could, therotically, capture a pure majority in parliament.

Not good news.

I never really had hope the Arab Spring would result in either freedom or peace, especially in Egypt, but the unbelievably strong showing of the Muslim Brotherhood has even surprised me. I'm now sure that in a couple of years, people will look back at the massive protests and say "why didn't we stop it, and protect our friend, Hosni Mubarak, from going to the way of the Shah?"

What say you?

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