Saturday, November 19, 2011

Video- OWS Protester Punches Police Horse in Face

I don't know why, but something tells me that it's not a smart thing to punch a police horse in the face in front of several officers. Just a thought.

The punch comes at :33 in the video. Watch the man with the blue coat and the red beanie. All of a sudden you'll see his arm come sideways and the horse's head jerk backwards:

At the beginning of the video you can see other protesters either yelling at the officers or yelling at the horses. Protesters then rush at the officers, but pretend that they're not doing anything wrong by putting their hands in the air like imbeciles. At :26 you can see one such moron take a Pau Gasol-esque flop.
That's right, genius.  Rush into a crowd of officers and then raise your hands
Two seconds later a man in a full gas mask rushes into the crowd in order to help the flopper up.  Several seconds after that, the horse is punched in the face.  After that, protesters start to yell at the police, and the man with the gas mask flops as well, pretending to be hit with a club by police which missed him by about a foot.

But, you know, they're so peaceful.

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  1. Good for the OWS protester. Too bad that the horse-like a dog--is concidered a police officer.

  2. So, crime is good then?

  3. Such dangerous buffoons these protesters. Where is PETA?

  4. Mr. Megranor - too bad you're an a-hole

  5. I agree Megranor, come on OWS'ers the more you act like heinous creeps, the worse you look to the American people. Please continue to post those pictures and video's on the web - let America see it all. The OWS movement will soon be on par with a Fred Phelps protest. Then even the media won't be able to spin the propaganda support for the movement anymore.