Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Syria Plants Landmines Along Lebanon Border

The actions of Syrian strongman Bashar Assad have been bad enough to this point - thousands of civilians dead and threatening to attack Israel if foreign intervention occurs, but now his regime is planting landmines along the border with Lebanon with full intention of killing, or maiming, any Syrian seeking refuge from that hellhole.

One man this past weekend had the misfortune of becoming the first victim of Assad's landmines - and had his foot amputated. He asked that his name not be printed, even though he made it to Lebanon, for fear of government retribution. Troops planted the mines on both sides of the border, which has to be illegal in one way or another, perhaps prompting response from the U.N.

I have remained quiet about Assad since his brutal crackdown began because there was nothing I could add, due to fears of Israel being attacked, or Iran launching a counter-strike if Western forces moved to topple his regime. But there comes a time when you have to take the risk, and call the bad man's bluff. And this is it.

The United States, United Kingdom and our Western allies should decisively move to either force the U.N., or use NATO, in order to remove the Assad regime from power - and make sure our Israeli friends are well aware of the threat they face, and what actions they should take if attacked.

We cannot sit idly by any longer, whistling dixie, and fretting about what Syria or Iran might do if we act. This has got to end before every Syrian in opposition to Assad's regime is gunned down, thrown in jail or blown up by a landmine. We must act, or else our conscience is tainted with blood.

What say you?

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  1. But,,,,
    Weren't we assured by Hillary! that Assad was a reformer?

    Besides, how much oil does he have?