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Monday, November 7, 2011

Splinter Group in Occupy Portland: It's Time for Violence, and Carries Through

Contradictory information is coming out of the scene in Portland. Portland has seen its own share of protests in the last month and the hippy-filled city will brace for more.

However, it appears that the Occupy Movement is learning a tactic of other Occupy movements: property damage. Just after the riots in Oakland and raid in Washington DC, it now appears that Portland is the next place to see vandalism.

A splinter group has decided that the relatively peaceful ramblings of the main body of the Occupy Protests was not enough. It was time for action: in this case, vandalism.
"So we use action as our discourse rather than words, and we intend to say much more in the days to come."

But it's okay, because many in the city is on the violent side:

...we know already that within Portland there is support by many for tactics which seek to actually confront and challenge those that are responsible for our dire situation.

This group acted violently, in destroying private property:
At 8:34 a.m. Saturday, Portland police responded to a Chase Bank branch, where windows had been broken and paint thrown inside the building, police said in a statement. Nearly two hours later, a Wells Fargo branch reported its windows had been broken.

The main body of the occupiers has denied any responsibility in the attacks that followed.

"We are currently not affiliated with any other group in the city, and are still in the process of organizing the structure," according to the e-mail, which was also released by police.

Is this just the beginning of "armed" resistance? It could be.

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