Monday, November 28, 2011

Newest Cain Accuser Was Defendant in Previous Libel Suit and Lost

Simply because someone committed a crime in the past does not mean that they are doing it again. However, when trying to establish who this person is, it is important to see what they have done in their lives.

Ginger White, who today announced that she had a thirteen-year affair with Herman Cain, was the defendant in a libel suit this year. A judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Kimberly Vay, and stated that Ms. White had falsely libeled Ms. Vay. Ms. White reportedly lost the suit because she did not even bother responding to the case.

Ms. Vay had also sought a temporary stalking protective order against Ms. White, citing harassing emails, texts, and defamation of character. This case, however, was dismissed.

When asked about the libel suit in her interview with Fox Five, and why she should be trusted, Ms. White responded, "Well, because I admit it. Whatever happened with Kim and I, um, happened. Just as, what, what, there would make no sense to come out with these allegations against Herman if it absolutely wasn't true."

You can watch the section in the interview starting at 7:30 in the video:

Update- Kimberly Vay and Ginger White apparently owned No Limit Cycling in Atlanta, Georgia. Their motto for the business was, "If you can think it, you can achieve it."

This appears to be Vay's picture on Facebook:

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  1. Looks like "Kimberly" needs to lay off the testosterone!

  2. Herman, What are these woman thinking???? It is just something that's going to slow you down. I guess that Obama is really scared of your 999.