Monday, November 28, 2011

New Poll Has Nelson Trailing in Nebraska

Incumbent Senator and former Governor Ben Nelson has fallen behind in new polling in Nebraska. The Democrat reportedly has been considering retirement, which should not be surprising at all, considering the data. Nelson has been polling poorly for a while, now. It may be at the point that Nelson's campaign would not even be able to get off of the ground.

Nelson was polled against three candidates, including Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning. In two of the matchups, Nelson either led slightly or had a 6% lead.

However, against Bruning, Nelson has quite the deficit. Considering that Bruning would have time to shape the race and his opponent, things are not looking good for Nelson.

Bruning (R): 45%
Nelson * (D): 39%
Other/und: 16%
* denotes incumbent

Looks like more good news in the GOP's chances of gaining back the Senate. Their chances in North Dakota and Wisconsin are also looking good. Victories here would place the party with 50 in the chamber, not withstanding the other races. With Obama as a drag on the ticket, this total may increase even further.

So the open question is whether Nelson will know that he won't be able to win the race and simply drop out. If he were to do this, the chances of the Democrats holding onto the seat would be very slim.

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