Thursday, November 03, 2011

Is Cain Able?

This past week has been very tough on Herman Cain, because he has had to starve off allegations of sexual harassment during his tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association and hasn't been able to build on recent momentum. I have absolutely no idea what happened over ten years ago, but it means nothing when it comes my opposition of his campaign.

I oppose Mr. Cain not for the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character, which is woefully uneducated on foreign policy and, apparently, even though much has been made of said inability, has been unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it. He doesn't sit down and study Uzbekistan during campaign trips, he mocks knowledge about the nation.

He doesn't consider what his policy on Afghanistan would be, he tosses the question up to unknown advisers in the Cain White House. And he didn't stand with America's right to hunt down and eliminate al-Awlaki... he opposed it in the summer and celebrated it in the fall. Flip-flopping faster then Senator John Kerry in sandals.

Before people support Herman Cain, they shouldn't read the Politico story and guess whether it's true or not, they should examine his foreign policy experience, or lack thereof, and statements, then decide whether Cain is really able to serve as President of the United States. But we wouldn't have this problem if he just schooled himself for a couple of weeks...

What say you?


  1. THANK YOU! Finally, a voice of sanity! Cain reminds me a lot of Palin. He seems personable, so people like him. He seems like he is being victimized by the media, so folks feel the need to defend him even more. But I see very few people grounded in the reality of the things he has said on major topics such as national security. He is not up to the job. He does not appear to have the knowledge needed to be President. And he appears to lack any drive to inform himself. It is profoundly disconcerting to see so many conservatives rallying around him. Cult of personality. Obama all over again, but this time on teh right. Thanks again for this piece!

  2. "What say you?"

    I don't know if any of the candidates is up to the task of

    1) Winning the nomination
    2) Beating Obama
    3) Leading the nation out of our mess

    Cain has dissapointed a lot of people, but only because those people are so anxious to find an alternative to the technocratic big-government governor of Massachusetts.

  3. Thank You for stealing the title from my blog post dated October 17, 2011 at titled Cain is Able.!

  4. I was a huge supporter in the beginning. The shine wore off that penny for me a while back. He is not "able" to be president. He just isn't qualified.

    I like him and I think there is a place in an administration for him, but not the big seat.

    The next debate is on foreign policy. I think once that is over more and more people will see for themselves what you and I have been saying. He isn't qualified.

  5. Well, well, well! In a post entitled Cain vs Obama - The Facts, posted on Oct 23rd, I complained that this blog was not properly vetting Cain and I was excoriated. I said that people need to vet this man and mentioned his somewhat suspect Godfather's Pizza story. Said people need to read what Jay Raskin from Notes to Aphrodite has dug up.
    So what did commentors here do? Called me 'retarded', told me that Ron Paul wasn't a viable candidate even though I didn't even mention him just said you need to vet Cain properly, and Aurelius in smark alec fashion wrote 'zing' after the Paul comment. And now here's this post. Watch out, Mr Knight, the Cain trainers are gonna go after you!
    But not me. Thank you! I don't know how this post was ok'd, but thank you. Cain is a professional motivational speaker. He knows all the buzz words, how to rev up a crowd, but there is no substance behind those words. It's all a circus show. I saw through him just as I saw through Obummer. Gosh, I feel vindicated. Thank you again.

  6. Dude, you're not vindicated. The video was intentionally a joke and never had anything to do with vetting. You are retarded, go away.

  7. Meh, Phil 'dude'. Quote: "This time we try to convince you to vote for Herman Cain, with a touch of humor"
    Pro Cain, vote for him because he's funny.
    Phil, your response on that post and this one highlights the fact that there are some people out there who will not do their own research on the candidates and just go along with whoever their favorite blogs tell them to.
    All I ask is that ALL the candidates be properly vetted by all the conservative blogs. No one should protest against that.