Friday, November 25, 2011

Irony: OWS Now in Top 1% in Income

One of the top complaints about wealth distributions holds that the vast majority of the people of the country are excluded from the vast majority of its wealth. Considering the "plight" of all of those 20-somethings at the various occupiers, one could be deluded into believing the truth of the 99% mantra.

But what if that wasn't true? Considering there are many branches of the group, let's take a look at its main one, occupying near Wall Street, in New York. Seeing how the occupiers are using other people's food and bathrooms and some living in tents (with others still in their studio apartments or parents' basements), there shouldn't be a need for a lot of money? After all, how many iMacs does one mob need?

Well-- quite a lot, apparently. The group has been furiously fundraising since its inception in September. I know that they'll need a legal defense fund for all of the cases of violence, rape, and arson, but how much could that cost?

How about $600,000?

Or almost double the earnings of the top 1% of American households.

And you know how many of the protesters are complaining how the rich don't pay enough taxes? Well, their funds are tax-free. Or how large groups (usually the corporations) have too much influence-- well, they heckled the President earlier this week and have the support of Nancy Pelosi.

You might say-- they need all of that money for their various activities. After all, how are they going to buy lice spray?

So where do they keep all of this money? In a central, open location, based on the honor system? No.

In a bank. The same one that got a $25 billion bailout three years ago.

But the decision was made on sound logic, I am assured, including:

· We need to go ahead and do this.
· This is time sensitive! People are in jail and need help!

So let me be the first to say this. Down with the 1%! Just because OWS makes money off of the back of labor doesn't mean they should have influence over government!

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  1. those funds represent 1000's of people. Remember #OWS isn't a corporation, so can't treat it as a "person".

  2. Corporations are made up of 1000s of people too. So OWS is the equivalent of a corporation now

  3. Truth about OWS movement.

    OWS costs at least $19000000 and counting to taxpayers.
    OWS protesters continues sexual assaults on children.
    OWS leader says: "Jews must go back to oven"


  4. I think this explains it all: