Saturday, November 26, 2011

Irony: OWS Now the Equivalent of a Corporation

There is nothing more ironic than someone or something becoming the very thing that they hate.  For Occupy Wall Street, they loathe corporations because they are "rich."  Corporations also provide them with cheap laptops, smartphones, and wifi, but OWS cannot be bothered with nuance.

But let's look at an actual definition of a corporation:
Corporation, noun; definition: any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body.
Why, that sounds exactly like Occupy Wall Street!  They preach unity and they certainly are a group of people.
Just one of those laptops could feed thousands of starving children in Africa
But certainly those in OWS would argue that corporations have both money and political power.  But wait... Egads!  Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, has come out in full favor of the protesters, while President Barack Obama has tentatively come out supporting them and has completely supported them in their hatred of the rich.

Certainly OWS doesn't have a tremendous amount of money, right?  They couldn't possibly be fundraising in order to have their will done, just like corporations... right?  Right?  Nope.  In fact, Occupy Wall Street has collected $600,000 in tax-deductible donations.  Like the corporations they complain about, they have a large amount of money for the sole purpose of doing what they want.  And they don't have to pay any taxes on it.

And, on top of it all, they are keeping over $450,000 in a bank instead of a credit union.  In case you don't know, OWS has come out heavily against banks and those who run them.

I hope those who have supported Occupy Wall Street will realize that they have been duped and swindled. However, that is unlikely to happen.  Like the sheep they are, they will go back into the corporation that they have unwittingly joined: Occupy Wall Street.

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