Monday, November 28, 2011

Cain: Another Woman to Accuse Me of "Extended Affair"

Just moments ago, Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain announced that another woman was about to accuse him of an "extended affair"

Talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Cain stated that he had spoken to a reporter who informed him that a new woman was about to come forward.  "I'm just giving you a heads-up," Mr. Cain stated.  "I don't have anything to hide."

When asked what his relationship with the woman was, Mr. Cain said that he thought the woman was a "friend," but that he was now clearly mistaken.  Cain went on that he helped her get a job, but emphasized, "That's all there is to the relationship."

Wolf Blitzer then asked Cain, "Was this an affair?"  Mr. Cain stated bluntly, "No."
Mr. Cain continued, saying that he has known so many people in life, that, should they all be willing to lie, "It's probably an infinite number of people that could come out with a story."

"I will not drop out of the race," Mr. Cain told Blitzer.  When asked if the accusations had a racial aspect, Cain responded, "There could be."

Mr. Blitzer then asked Mr. Cain why he was still running, to which he replied, "For my grand kids and all of the other grand kids out there."

Update- According to Mr. Blitzer, the woman is to accuse Cain of having a thirteen-year affair with her.  "I have done nothing wrong," Cain emphasized.

Update 2- Fox Five has released the picture and name of the accuser, Ginger White:
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